Our #1 choice is definitely VaporFi. These are the clear winners if you are going for an e-cigarette tank system with refillable eliquids. They are producing some vaporizer hardware that is light years ahead of the rest of the competition, it’s like NASA-made stuff. Heck, when we opened up the different starter kits we had trouble putting them together at first, but once we did we were blown away by the quality of the product. There’s nothing else like it out there. Quick details below, full story in our Vapor Fi review.

They specialize in eGo style batteries, and have some really advanced ones that have a puff counter on the side and also let you adjust the voltage. Some real high-tech stuff that nobody else can even come close to.

There are a whole bunch of kits, pictured above, that range from simple to complex. Each of them delivers huge battery power and some great hits of vapor. We are particularly fans of the Pro Kit, which is kind of the mid-level battery among their offerings, that works easily enough that a rookie vaper could figure it out yet it packs a punch that even the most seasoned e-smoker would be satisfied. They are also unmatched in the number of e-liquids that they sell, and not only do they have a ton of individual flavors, they have all kinds of blends of various flavors that make some pretty great concoctions and tasty vaping. You can even create your own blends if you prefer.