V2 Cigs

Second – V2 Cigs, which is hands-down the best e cigarette out there for a number of reasons. They have been around forever and have provided the highest quality vapor product since day one and have continued to expand their offerings in this ever-growing industry to stay on top.

Their bread and butter is the traditional style of e-cigarette with a battery and cartridge (sometimes called “cartomizer”). Simply screw the cartridge on to the battery, inhale, and you’re all set. Very easy to use. When the cart runs out (you’ll know when you get a metallic taste), just toss it in the trash and screw on a fresh one. They have some great flavors, some of our favorites of any we’ve tried industry-wide, especially the V2 Red which is loved by Marlboro smokers for its bold taste. They have two other tobacco varieties, a couple different menthols, and a bunch of other assorted flavors of which we like Grape and Vanilla the best. They’ve also expanded into blank cartridges with refillable e-liquid and have some great offerings there.

For their ease of use, competitive pricing, and long history in the market they are definitely one of the top choices regardless if you’re just getting started in the world of vaping or if you’re a veteran e-smoker. There’s something for everybody at V2 Cigs. Plus they always seem to be running promotions and offering coupon codes so there’s always a deal to be had.