V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale

If you thought you had run out of time to cash in on Memorial Day sales since it is no longer Monday, guess again!

I just got a last minute reminder from one of my favorite e-cig brands, V2 Cigs, that their sale is still running through today!

How does 30% off sound? Sounds like a great deal to me!

There’s no coupon code needed, simply click on the sale graphic below to be taken to their website and the savings will automatically be applied, provided you get your order in before midnight tonight, May 31st.

They’ve long been one of my favorite e-cigarette brands — they held the top spot in my rankings of the best e-cigs for many years until Vapor Fi came around — and I don’t see that love ending anytime soon. I am a huge fan of their vaporizers, particularly their Series 3 and Series 7 Vaporizers. They are just sweet devices that work like a charm whether it be for eliquid, wax or dry herb (compatible with the Series 7 cartridge).

If you’re looking for just the basic two piece e-cigarette with battery and cartomizer (cartridge), V2 is one of the pioneers in that niche and still pumping out great batteries and cartridge flavors that are flying off the shelves for the ecig purists out there.

All in all, if you are looking to get into vaping this is a great brand to try, and if you are a veteran of V2 you know you want to stock up on more eliquids, cartridges, batteries, accessories and the like. Take advantage while everything in the store is 30% off right now before time runs out on you!