Quit Cigarettes And Start Vaping Today

Cigarettes are addictive, and that is an open fact. Most people, especially cigarette smokers, often find quitting extremely difficult. However, there are perfect strategies that you can employ to help you to top the bad habit. 

E-Cigarettes are like traditional cigarettes but with less adverse effects on your body.  Vaping gives you the same feeling you seek in regular cigarettes. However, these nifty gadgets are complicated, especially when you consider regular cigarettes.

E-Cigs are a whole science unto themselves. These devices are for one battery-powered. Whereas normal cigarettes simply need a match to light up. This fact alone can put off a lot of potential e-cig users. But their benefits outweigh those of regular cigarettes.

Without further ado, I’ll explain some simple steps you can follow before you can light up your first e-cigarette. Also, I’ll add in some really cool brands that you ought to consider in your vaping future. So here goes.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

Before going deeply into the whole e-cig world, you first have to know what they are. To put it simply, e-cigs are simply as their name goes, an electronic cigarette. But this is a broad term that puts them at the same level as standard cigarettes.

An e-cig is a vaporizer that looks similar to other cigarettes. Their mechanism is slightly different in that an ordinary cig burns through dried tobacco. The e-cig, on the other hand, vaporizes a special vape fluid. This fluid once heated, becomes vapor, which you can the smoke.

A vape pen or e-cig has three functioning parts; battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. The cartridge houses the vape juice while the atomizer heats it to form a vapor. An e-cig battery simply powers the whole mechanism up.

What Kind Of Experience Do You Desire From Vaping?

Now that you know what e-cigarettes are, the next step is understanding the kind of sensations you can get from them.

Nevertheless, people are different, so what suits me might not suit you. Therefore, you might want to narrow down your expectations about vaping.

Here are a couple of questions you should consider before you can start vaping. Use them to get a better picture of what suits you:

  • Would you want a nicotine satisfaction or something stronger?
  • Would you consider trying out different flavors?
  • Do you want to smoke clouds or you’d rather keep things on the out of sight?
  • Would you want a device that makes an impression or just a functional one?

Pick Out Your Device

After you have checked out your preference from the questions above, you can now dive into selecting the right device. 

For those who want a discrete vaping experience, go for vape pens with high resistance coils. The coil is what heats your e-juice. High resistance coils use less power and smaller in size. This means they’ll fit in your pocket perfectly.

Low resistance wicks, on the other hand, are more power-hungry. However, they give off magnificent smoke clouds. Because of their power requirements, the tanks also tend to be larger as these coils vaporize more fluid as you take hits.

Select Your E-Liquid

The e-liquid is essentially what you vape on. They come in many flavours. Also, two essential elements constitute vaping juice but at varying levels. They are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

PG rich liquids are rich in flavor, and you will really feel the vaping experience. On the other hand, vape fluids with high levels of VG are best suited for vapor production.

How Much Nicotine Should You Go For?

Another component you get in your e-juices nicotine. Now nicotine is often associated with cigarettes and is why they are addictive. If you have never smoked before, it would be wise to stick to juices with zero nicotine. But if you are leaving the traditional stick, then a higher nicotine level like 12mg/ml should work just fine.

e-juice flavors are why vape pens stand-out from the crowd. There are excellent flavors to choose from, and there is something for anyone. But when picking out a flavor, it generally boils down to what you like.

Finally, after you have gotten your brand new pen, make sure to read the instructions. After filling in the liquid, don’t light up right away but allow the liquid to soak in first to avoid ruining your coil.

Some excellent brands you can check out are SMOK Nord, Suorin, and Vaporesso. 

Finally, follow these steps and see how wonderful vaping can be. You will find it more enjoyable than smoking. Moreover, the flavors add a new way to enjoy your vape sessions. Remember, don’t limit yourself to just one, but try out a couple of them and see what you like.