Huffington Post Faces Backlash on E-Cig Video

I was checking out the other day and came across a hilarious takedown of HuffPo after they had posted, and later edited and retracted. The video interviews Dr. Margaret Cuomo, sister of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and is full of inaccurate statements about the safety and health risks of electronic cigarettes.

Chief among those inaccuracies is the statement that electronic cigarettes are just as bad, if not worse, than traditional tobacco cigarettes. This led to a huge public outcry in the comments and social media, as the all the reasoning that was given in the video has been proven otherwise. Scientific studies have shown that while there are toxicants in electronic cigarettes, they are found at much lower levels than are found in regular cigarettes.

The video talks about all the different ingredients found in e-cigs, and is wildly inaccurate there as well. One of them mentioned is tin, a statement that was later retracted after someone corrected them, and changed to zinc.

Another issue is the mention of formaldehyde. While possible for it to be present in e cigarettes, the e cig would have to be turned up at an abnormally high power to the point where the user gets a “dry puff”, an instance that typically doesn’t happen.

Cuomo also talks about all the “cancer-causing agents”, saying that there is a risk for lung cancer as well as other kinds of cancer such as liver cancer. This is pretty ridiculous. The amount of cancer-causing agents in regular cigarettes trumps the traces found in e cigs, they’re not in any way on the same level.

Anyway, you can read the article for more detail, as it does a much better takedown of all the inconsistencies than I include in my summary here. It’s a pretty interesting read. Just another case of someone spouting off on their soapbox, taking a stand against something they clearly know nothing about. Hopefully they continue to be put in their place when these kinds of hack jobs come up again.