Many customers are turning to e-liquids to fill up their e-cigarette tanks and personal vaporizer devices.

Once you have bought an electronic cigarette, you are going to be anxious to know everything about it. One of the most fundamental aspects of owning an ecig is knowing how to refill it with e-liquid.

What is Electronic Liquid (E-Liquid)? 

E-Liquid is the liquid in the cartridges  and is composed of three constituents, number one is nicotine, the main reason of smoking, second is an agent which makes the vapor and third is the flavor, apart from nicotine every other ingredient used in the E-liquid is safe.

What Agents Are Used To Make Vapor?

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the most common, Vegetable Glycerin is usually used by people who are sensitive and have allergies. E-liquid is usually PG based, one must understand that PG based liquids produces less vapor but a sweeter flavor on the other hand VG produces less sweetness and more vapor since it is thicker. Some people combine both of these liquids to get more uniformity.

How Much Nicotine Does it Have? 

There are different nicotine levels available in E-liquids with the most potent and highest available at 4.8% nicotine. The lowest is zero nicotine, usually they are about 2.6%, which is 26mg, it is difficult to find anything over 26mg, the 48mg E-liquid has become a little difficult to find, so it is best to stock up on E-liquid, if you are a smoker who enjoys a high nicotine Electronic Cigarettes thank stock up because the 48mg E-liquids are becoming harder to find.

I am A Beginner, what should I use? 

As a beginner one should spend less money and start with a 24mg or 28mg E-liquid, you can as high as 36mg; this will give you the benefit of finding your nicotine percentage that you are comfortable with. If it’s lower than the nicotine level than you desire than you can add more, and if it is less than you can dilute the E-liquid. People who smoke half a pack a day require no more than 6mg and people who smoke one and a half pack a day can do well with a 24mg bottle, but that also depends on the user and the type of vaping experience that person is looking for, in the end it is an individual choice

How to Fill Your E-Cig With E-Liquid

The need to do this is constant since you are going to be running out of e-liquid as you continue to use the device. Depending on what your vaping schedule is, you may need more than others and buying in bulk is a good idea. Learning how to refill an ecig yourself will save you a lot of trouble in the long run because you’ll be able to do it easily yourself and won’t have to go to a retailer or fellow vaper and ask for help.

The first step is buying all the necessary equipment. You will need a fluval fish tank filter, some tweezers and a pair of scissors. Start by separating the ecig from its atomizer. The atomizer will be found at the bottom and you can simply yank it off. You can pick out the old filter using your tweezers and this will also give you a much required opportunity to clean out the dirt that will be present in the device. Remember, periodic cleaning will result in better functioning in the long run. Take off some of the tubing from the fluvial filter till only half is left. You can then insert the much thinner half into the ecig. Keep chipping away at the fluvial tube till it is the length of your electronic cigarette and use your tweezers to insert it after careful measuring.

Now you can refill the ecig by slowly dripping nicotine into it. After this screw the bottom part into the device again and your ecig is ready for use. E-liquids come with varying nicotine strengths and measuring the amount in mgs is important so that you do not accidently add more nicotine than you are supposed to.