E Cig Reviews

Find out which e cigarettes got the best reviews by reading out in depth rankings of all top vapor companies.

We’re e cigarette and vapor pen enthusiasts here, and we post e cigarette reviews every week.  Any new brand that we come across, we give it an honest try and find out what makes each company unique. There’s truly something for everybody in this market and with a little research you can find the product that is perfect for you. We take our time with each one we test out and provide an in-depth analysis covering every aspect of each company. There is a lot to look at when putting together our e cigarette reviews and evaluating the different brands, which we’ll give a rundown of below.

E Cigarette Rating Components

We review many components of the electric cigarette, and it all starts with the battery. Below you’ll find our guidelines put in place to analyze and rate these amazing products.


First and foremost is the basics – the batteries. We look at the quality – the length of the battery life and the power it produces – as well as durability and craftsmanship. Batteries come in different lengths, with the longer ones lasting for more time between charges, as well as different styles. There are automatic batteries that work similar to a traditional cigarette, where you just inhale to active the production of vapor, and there are manual batteries that have a push-button on the side which when pressed it creates the vapor for you.


We secondly take a look at the cartridges, whether it be an ecig that has the cartomizer style cartridges that you use up and dispense after they run out, or a vaporizer style tank system that uses refillable eliquid. There’s a lot of choices out there in cartridge flavors and e-liquids and we love trying them all out and find what produces the most rich flavor and full vapor.

Starter Kits

This is usually what you buy with your initial purchase. It will come with an assortment of batteries and cartridges as discussed above, along with charging accessories. They can range from lean to comprehensive – some give you just the essentials to get you started, while the most expensive kits can contain just about everything the brand has in it’s catalog.

Accessories and Other Products

We also talk about the different accessories each brand provides. Some companies are real heavy on accessories, with different types of carrying cases, portable charging units, adapters, and some even have apparel with the logo so you can represent your favorite vapes. A lot of companies are now also offering disposables, which are single-use ecigs that don’t require any charging, you just use them up until they run out and then toss them.


Another aspect that we discuss are the more soft, intangible qualities. Stuff like customer service – how responsive they are to calls or email inquiries, the knowledge and friendliness of the customer service reps, order processing and shipping times. We also comment on the overall aesthetics of the brand – the personality of it, if you will – and the marketing behind it.