Does Vaping Really Lead to Cigarettes?

I read a nice article on today that talks about how the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tries to link vaping with an increase in smoking regular cigarettes. If you are a regular reader of this site, you know that I think that is a bunch of bull, and now there’s some more evidence to support my stance on that.

According to new data from the CDC, in 2015 there was a significant decrease in the amount of cigarette smoking teenagers, while at the same time there was a sharp increase in usage of vape products. That doesn’t seem to support the assertion that vaping is a gateway to cigarettes, in fact, it is showing quite the opposite. It goes on to say that cigarette smoking among high schoolers is actually the lowest it has been in 24 years. Incredible! It seems that vapes are an alternate to cigs, and not a conduit to them.

Cigarette use dropped from 36% in 1997 to less than 11% in 2015. That’s a heck of a drop. What could be the cause in this shift? If you ask me, it’s tobacco alternatives such as vapes. They’re putting down their traditional pack of smokes, and picking up a vaporizer instead. Yes, you can argue that they are replacing one vice with another, but I am in the school of thought that while it is too early to call e-cigarettes completely safe, there is enough evidence out there to call them a much safer alternative. Given the choice, I know which one I would rather put in my body.

While there were limitations to the study that was conducted, and I’d like to see more conclusive and further reaching analysis, the quick synopsis from what was gathered can only be interpreted to say that in fact vapes are not leading to more traditional tobacco cigarette use. What do you think? Has vaping been a catalyst for you to use cigs, or is it quite the opposite? For me I know the answer – once I picked up an e-cigarette years ago I haven’t looked back to my old pack of Marlboros, and I have no desire to ever go back to those!