The Best E-Cigarette Brands You Need To Try Out

There are plenty of reasons to quit using cigarettes and whatever yours is, it’s still a great move all the same.  It is a well-known fact of how cigarettes are addictive, not to mention their adverse effects on your overall health. 

Vape pens, on the other hand, are less detrimental to your well-being. That is why they are highly recommended as a replacement for your traditional stick. Having looked at a couple of ways you could begin to vape, you now need to know which vape to go for.

Now that you have decided to get into vaping, there are a couple of e-cig brands that you ought to try out. These ones are the best in the market and are sure to give you the best experience ever. If you are a starter, then look no further than these fantastic products. You will soon wonder why you started smoking regular cigarettes in the first place.

The Top 5 E-Cig Makes

Now, most of these brands have products that mimic traditional cigarettes in appearance. I don’t know what this could mean to you, but it sure helps with the aesthetics of the whole gizmo. Also, they are effortless to use and offer a wide range of spectacular flavours to choose from. 

So without further ado, lets jump right into the list of the best e-cigarette brands to try out:

1. Vaporfi

Vaporfi is in a broad sense the best in the business when it comes to e-cigs. If you have just gotten out of traditional cigarette smoking and would like to try something new, then Vaporfi is your best bet.

For flavours, go for the refillable tanks. These will allow you to try out a ton of different flavors which Vaporfi offer. But if you are starting, then go for the standard one. Although the range of flavors is narrow, the e-cig is quite simple to use.

You will also get high-quality batteries with this vape pen. Despite their small size, these batteries perform exceptionally well when it comes to vapour production.

2. Halo Cigs

If you are looking to make a great impression, then Halo cigs have just what you are looking for. These pens are not exactly larger-than-life. But what Halo cigs lack in size it makes up for in glamour. Their design principle revolves around fabulous with plenty of colour options available for you to choose from.

For the flavours, you will get the best of tobacco and menthol. For ex-smokers, these are solid choices to ae you out of regular cigs.

3. White Cloud

Charging your e-cig can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. That is why White Cloud is another excellent disposable vape pen you should consider.

One thing that White Cloud e-cigs have going for them is their beauty. Armed with this particular model, your pals will be drooling over you as you hit on your vape pen. But don’t get too attached because as soon as it is spent, down the drain it goes.

4. Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life has an impressive catalogue of flavours that even include peanut butter cup. Also, there are a dozen colours to choose from when selecting this vape pen.

When it comes to looks, Vapor4Life still hits all the right notes. Granted, it isn’t the most attractive on this list, but it’s going to turn some heads. Additionally, the batteries on these pens will last you quite some time.

5. South Beach Smoke

On this list, South Beach Smoke is the most affordable starter kit here. Yes, the pack contains everything you need to start vaping and not just the e-cig. 

The kit gives you a pair of batteries, replacement cartridges an e-juice bottle and of course the e-cig itself. It won’t be easy to get started with all these equipment staring at you, but once you check out the user manual, you’ll soon be setting up your mods like a pro.

So finally, if you have decided that you want to stop smoking, a wonderful world of e-cigs awaits you. Get ready to explore the beauty and flavour that accompanies these divine gadgets. Even if you want to begin vaping, almost all of these brands make some pretty easy-to-use e-cigs. For the starter kits, you will soon wrap your head around the entire mechanism.

V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale

If you thought you had run out of time to cash in on Memorial Day sales since it is no longer Monday, guess again!

I just got a last minute reminder from one of my favorite e-cig brands, V2 Cigs, that their sale is still running through today!

How does 30% off sound? Sounds like a great deal to me!

There’s no coupon code needed, simply click on the sale graphic below to be taken to their website and the savings will automatically be applied, provided you get your order in before midnight tonight, May 31st.

They’ve long been one of my favorite e-cigarette brands — they held the top spot in my rankings of the best e-cigs for many years until Vapor Fi came around — and I don’t see that love ending anytime soon. I am a huge fan of their vaporizers, particularly their Series 3 and Series 7 Vaporizers. They are just sweet devices that work like a charm whether it be for eliquid, wax or dry herb (compatible with the Series 7 cartridge).

If you’re looking for just the basic two piece e-cigarette with battery and cartomizer (cartridge), V2 is one of the pioneers in that niche and still pumping out great batteries and cartridge flavors that are flying off the shelves for the ecig purists out there.

All in all, if you are looking to get into vaping this is a great brand to try, and if you are a veteran of V2 you know you want to stock up on more eliquids, cartridges, batteries, accessories and the like. Take advantage while everything in the store is 30% off right now before time runs out on you!