Best Personal Vaporizer

The personal vaporizer device is perhaps the hottest technology going right now in the entire vapor pen industry.

With vaporizers, you can use wax, oil, or even custom vaporfi e-liquid blends, which is the hottest new trend today, making your own e-liquid flavor in a DIY style, only they have vape tenders helping out every step of the way.

There are a ton of brands that are selling these kinds of products. Our favorites, which we make no secret on this page, are those by VaporFi. They have the highest technology of any of the brands on the market, vaporizer or otherwise. They have a bunch of kits to choose from, ranging from very simple to quite complex, but whichever one you choose they pack a whole lot of power.

Vice Kit

Hands-down my #1 device I own. I use it on the daily. I’ll let you read my full review of the Vice Vaporizer here for all the details. Simply put, this is what you want for vaping e-liquid! So strong and under $100.

Express Starter Kit

This is a very traditional, basic design but has a lot of power in it. It’s a simple 2-piece system, with a crystal tipped battery which screws onto the atomized cartridge. The battery has advanced lithium ion technology, so while it may look like the run of the mill e-cig batteries you see elsewhere, there’s more than meets the eye and is pretty strong. You get one standard (180 mAh) and one high capacity (280 mAh) battery with this kit.

Pro Starter Kit

The next step up is the Pro, which looks like the eGo batteries you may have seen on the market. The battery is more robust than the battery in the Express, and has a push-button (“manual style”) on the side which when pressed creates the atomization and produces the vapor for you to inhale. The advantage of the manual battery is a more even, smooth production of vapor as it eliminates the variation in your breathing with a standard (“automatic”) style battery. This is a 650 mAh, 3.7 volt battery that has ridiculous power.

Air Starter Kit

This is a little similar to the previous (the Pro), though a little differently shaped – more rectangular than round. It’s a nice medium, hybrid size choice between the Express kit and some of their more complex batteries. It’s easy enough to use for a newbie, but has enough features that would satisfy any veteran e-smoker. It has a 350 mAh battery that is incredibly strong – good vapor production and long battery life.

Pulse Starter Kit

Here’s where things really get taken to the next level. Lots of power, lots of features, tons of accessories in this kit make it one of our top recommendations of anything on this site. A lot of time went into the design of this one, a perfect blend of function and form. You get two batteries, both are 650 mAh, 3.7 volts. The cool stuff is with the charging options; along with a traditional charger you’d see with other kits, this also has a cordless circular charger that cradles the battery (kind of like putting a cordless phone in a receiver). It also has the digital screen with battery meter and puff counter.

Rebel Starter Kit

This is the grand-daddy of all the hardware that you’ll find on this site. I mean, look at that photo above – the thing looks like a lightsaber or a police flashlight. Of course, with all that bulk, it comes with the most power of anything on the market. There is no technology like this anywhere else. This is for the pros, the vaping enthusiasts and is a game-changer in the industry. Durable stainless steel construction. Nothing can match its throat hit, production of vapor, or rich flavor. You can tell they spent a lot of time in constructing this and it has paid off. It comes with multiple battery sizes to cater to your preference and has a microprocessor embedded inside. Along with the puff count and battery read-out, you can also adjust the voltage on this one to get the exact vaping experience you’re looking for.